Last Updated: June 29/2015

What is the 9-Beep Error?

What is the 9-beep error? What is the "Circle Dance"? What is the IR Bump Sensor Error? Good question. All three of these are the exact same problem. The 9-beep error name comes from the number of beeps the Roomba makes when the error occurs, which means it beeps 9 times. The "Circle Dance" name is a description of what the Roomba is doing when this error occurs. It moves around in backwards circles, hence the name circle dance. The IR Bump sensor error name comes from a description of the component that is failing. A faulty component in the IR Bump sensor is what causes this problem. So aside from having three different names, the problem and solution are the same.

The 9-beep error is a common error that inevitably will happen to every iRobot Roomba. The error is equivalent to having one of your lightbulbs burn out, which is - in a component level - exactly what happens. The emitter(bulb) in the bump sensor has burnt out and needs to be replaced.

Why does my Roomba go around in circles?

Well now that we established what causes this behaviour, a faulty bump sensor, let's explain why the Roomba goes in backwards circles. This happens because the Roomba thinks that it is continuously bumping into something, that it's bumper is pressed in(even though it isn't). The faulty bump sensor in your Roomba keeps sending a message to the Roombas brain telling it that there is something there causing the Roomba to back up and spin and continue to backup and spin. Because it always thinks there's something in front of it, this behaviour continues until the Roomba times out and sends out it's 9 beeps telling you what the problem is.

Why does my Roomba go forward for a couple minutes and then eventually does the circle dance?

This is the same problem. This means that when your Roomba is fully charged, the faulty or soon to be faulty bump sensor in your Roomba is working properly. As your Roomba is vacuuming away, the battery slowly loses power and that soon to be faulty bump sensor begins to malfunction causing your Roomba to go into the "circle dance". At this point the battery in the Roomba does not have enough power to power the faulty bump sensor properly.

How do I fix my broken Roomba?

The best way is to order one of the repair kits that we offer. We've had a success rate of over %99.75. If you want your Roomba repaired properly and correctly, then this is definitely the option for you. We offer technical support as well to make sure that we get your Roomba up and running again.

There are also some sites that will try to teach you how to fix your Roomba. From experience, we've had customers tell us that they tried to use certain sites and methods to fix there Roombas and then they turned to us. In most cases, we were able to help them, but in some cases they ended up damaging there Roombas. We do offer a quality product but there are limitations.

If my Roomba is still under warranty, can I not just get iRobot to fix it?

If your Roomba is still under warranty, we recommend that you contact iRobot support first to see what they are willing to do for you. If you are not happy with the options that they will provide to you, then definitely feel free to order one of our do-it-yourself kits.

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